Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The MJ Show #83 (Tribute to Feroz Khan)

Now let me admit this right off the bat, I'm not a massive fan or anything but someone was telling me about the fact that 27th of April was Feroz Khan's death anniversary and that it would be fitting if I paid a small tribute to the man on The MJ Show.
So I thought to myself. Okay, maybe I'm not a huge fan but there are thousands out there who are. Who knows...maybe YOU are a fan...and he WAS a style icon in a way and a really influential film star so I thought why not?
So here it is. The first tribute to a Bollywood star on The MJ Show.
If you like it we'll keep having these every now and then.

Now, just like any Bollywood superstar, Feroz Khan has acted in numerous films. Tonight I've chosen, with the help of Prashant Solanki (@soulucky), songs only from the films that he acted in and that were also produced by him. The songs in today's episode are dedicated specially to the great Feroz Khan, all his fans and for Prashant who got me to do this show! :)

Apradh (1972)
Here's a song and a bit more from the film. Look at him. He's a MAN! Hairy and shit! :) Heh. Not like the pansy boys from these days. :) hehe :)

Hamare Siva Tumhare aur Kitne Devane Hai

Dharmatma (1975)
Here's another brilliant song!

Kya Khoob Lagti Ho

Tere Chehre Mein Woh Jaadu Hai

Qurbani (1980)
One of my FAVOURITE songs from the 80s. Whenever I did an occasional hindi songs show on FM Rainbow...this used to be one of the standards on the show.

Aap Jaisa Koi

Had to give you one more song from this movie!

Laila Mein Laila

And one final song from this film. :)

Qurbani Qurbani

Janbaaz (1986)
A CLASSIC coming up! Full on HOT song of the day...and I think it still qualifies as such! Hell it's got Rekha in it. That's enough reason to consider it smokin hot!
This one's got a bit more than :) Here you go! First up...the english song and then the hindi one!

Give Me Love / Pyar Do Pyar Lo

Jab Jab Teri Soorat

Har Kisi Ko Nahi Milta

Dayavan (1988)
Man! I remember this song from my teenage years. What an awesome song this was and still is! :) And I remember that this movie had Madhuri Dixit and I had the biggest crush on her as a teen :) Awesome stuff!

Chahe Meri Jaan Tu Le Le

Aaj Phir Tum Pe Pyar Aaya Hai

Yalgaar (1992)
Okay, so he's not in the song here...but he was in the film and he produced it too. And come on...don't tell me you don't remember this one :) Full on song eh!? :)
Oh! And the dance moves! :) #Epic (Please note sarcasm) :)
HAHAHA :D And don't miss out the incredible extras in the song :) hehe

Ho Jata Hai Kaise Pyaar

Aakhir tumhein aana hai

Prem Aggan (1998)
And here comes junior :) Fardeen Khan features in another movie produced by his dad. In fact if I remember right, this was Fardeen's debut film! Yep. Just confirmed that. It was his first. Have a look.

Har Dum Dum Bedum Prem Agan

Janasheen (2003)
The next one features Fardeen once again and the lovely Celina Jaitley :)
Nice song...really good to look at as well :)

Mujhe Pyaar Hone Laga Hai

How was that? Hope you enjoyed the songs.
If you can think of any other songs that MUST be here even if they're from films that he's not produced but are quintessential Feroz Khan songs...do let me know in the comments and I'll add them with a dedication to whoever recommends the song. :)

Okay then...it is now time for me to say...take care...and Good Night! :)
This is your Musicman Mihir...signing off!

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