Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The MJ Show #75 (The Mumbai Indians Song)

Big show...had to have something really BIG to fill it with :)
So here it is!

This is the first song I've composed and written as a solo artist.
I've had help of some of the most talented people I know. My friends Pratyush, Raj and Roane!

The song was arranged by Pratyush Krish and engineered by Rajarshi Bhattacharyya. The song has been remixed by Hard Rock Cafe India's DJ Roane! (He handles all HRCs across the country!) I really LOVE what he's done with the song!
We'll have another mix up soon.
I'm hoping that the Mumbai Indians will recognize the song in some way. Maybe play it at the stadium for the fans to sing along.
Speaking of are the words!

The Mumbai Indians Song

Mumbai Mumbai
We’re the Mumbai Indians
Mumbai Mumbai
Yeah yeah Mumbai Indians
Mumbai Mumbai
Hum hain Mumbai Indians
Mumbai Mumbai
Amhi Mumbai Indians

Pollard, Jayasuriya aur Dhawan
Zaheer, Bravo, Harbhajan
Rayadu aur Tiwari
Hum toh hain khiladi

Malinga, he’s gonna get it done
He’s fast, he’s like a loaded gun
SACHIN you know he’s number one
Hum marey dana dan


We are going to be the champions of DLF IPL 2010
Why? Because we are the best!
We ARE the Mumbai Indians!

Jitni bhi koshish karo
Hamse na tum bach sako
We’re gonna fly, we’re gonna touch the sky
Kay mitra kalala kay

Hamse joh takaraoge
Mitti mein tum mil jaaoge
Watch out, we’re gonna get you son
We will be champions



Mihir Joshi - The Mumbai Indians Song

This is my earnest request to all fans of the Mumbai Indians and of Sachin Tendulkar...please pass this song around. If enough of you like it...somehow Sachin will hear it too!
I really really really want him to hear the song!

Help me get the song to him!!

Thank you all.
I hope you love the song!

Rock n Roll! And may the Mumbai the CHAMPIONS!!

This is your Musicman Mihir the team...our love and support must mean a LOT to the team.


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