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The MJ Show #71 (Guests Series - Neysa Mendes' Top 10 Songs)

When I thought of the "Guests Series" I knew I wanted to have musicians, artists, actors and music industry people as my guests and we've had some really fab people so far haven't we? Arjun Sankalia from Sony Music, Ehsaan Noorani, Miss Malini, Luke Kenny and now, joining them is someone I've had the pleasure of knowing for quite a few years now.

Her name is Neysa Mendes (@neysaa) and she been working with the independent music industry for about four years now. She started out working with Only Much Louder and headed Counter Culture Records for about 3 years.
She's been working on her own since the beginning of this year with artists, bands and music related companies on marketing, communication and PR strategy and she tells me that she's really enjoying it. And I'm sure that is very true. I can't remember a time that I've met her that she's not been smiling. She's quite a charmer by the way boys and if you meet her you know you will remember her :)

She loves the creative arts and she sees herself always working within this field. She started out with theatre and now she's working with music. I guess it's best when you're loving what you do and she's really loving what she's doing :)

Oh yes, on an important side note, she's also a self confessed cupcake junkie. :p :)
Right then. Enough about Miss.Neysa. How about we see what she's got for us. Knowing her, I know it's going to be a lot of stuff I have no idea about. But that, that is just the beauty of the "Guests Series" shows. Music that is new not just for you all...but also for me! Here we go!

1st Song - Midival Punditz - Atomizer
Neysa Mendes (NM): This is my absolute favourite track from the last Punditz album ‘Hello Hello’. The entire album is a mix of different sounds and makes a great listen, but I love this one. Wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, when they start up with this one live, I drop it and run to the floor!
Mihir Joshi (MJ): Wow! This is different. First of it's kind song on the show. KICK ASS song to start things off with Neysa :)
Here's a version where Karsh Kale joins the Punditz on the song!

2nd Song - She & Him – You Were Made For Me
NM: Such a happy track! It makes me me think of American diners and Grease and I just want to get up and dance, like they did in the 60s and 70s!
MJ: Lovely! Just lovely :) Brilliant little song :) Really enjoying this one!

3rd Song - Bloc Party – Helicopter
NM: Block Party just makes you want to get up and dance! I’ve been lucky enough to have heard them live twice and both times, they’ve had the same effect on me.
MJ: Brilliant song once again. Another song I'd not heard. Thanks Neysa. You've already given me 3 songs I'd not heard! :D

4th Song - Jenn Grant – Don’t Worry Baby
NM: Jenn Grant reminds me of Montreal and another time of my life. It included spring flowers, new friends, art in the everyday, tea and Salman Rushdie. Listening to her just slows the world down for me. Jenn is a Canadian artist from Halifax that I discovered from my Swiss flat-mate. Jenn and Regina Spektor; another great artist. Do you remember that you once emailed Jenn after one conversation we had, Mihir?
MJ: I do. I was with EMI back then. What a lovely song! :) And I love her voice. Such a sweet voice she has!

5th Song - Charlotte Gainsbourg – IRM (album)
NM: I don’t know if I have a favourite track on this album yet, but it’s her new one produced by Beck.
MJ: HAVE to come back on the show you know. So many songs that I've not heard but that I'm loving! :) Here's the title track of the album.

6th Song - Nine Inch Nails – The Hand That Feeds
NM: I think NIN is great running music. Or great aggro-16-yr-old-boy music. Perfect for when you want to fling the expensive China against the wall. I’m so happy they’re back to making music after that scare with the ‘Goodbye Tour’ last year.
MJ: Hmmm. I'm feeling very inadequate right now :) So many bands I've not heard properly.
See...THIS is why this show works...not just for the viewers and fans...but even for me :) It's the best way to discover new music. :)

7th Song - Kings of Leon – Use Somebody
NM: The opening of this song has such a ‘big stadium’ feel to it. I actually got to hear it live at Oxegen (music festival in Ireland) last year and that made it so much better. I love their sound.
MJ: Finally a band I know and LOVE. I LOVED their album. I featured the complete album and we had a contest here as well thanks to Sony Music.
For those who missed that show have a look at this:

8th Song - Pentagram – Rock & Roll
NM: A Pentagram gig for me = flat shoes, because I know I’m going to be jumping up and down and screaming right though the entire gig! I loved Rock & Roll from their last album and it was the first track that was ever dedicated to me at a gig; I’ll never forget that. Drive is another one of my favourites. My next goal is to go on tour with these boys in the North East, because that would be one mad experience.
MJ: HELL YEAH BABY!! Pentagram is the SHIT! :D
It was my band's honour to open for them at a gig at NIFT and I remember talking to Vishal a couple of times on radio as well. I think I was one of the first people to play this song on radio! BRILLIANT song! This was possibly my favourite song from "It's OK, It's All Good"

Here's the other ass kicking song that Neysa talked about.
Bonus Song - Pentagram – Drive

9th Song - The Kills – Cheap & Cheerful
NM: Gotta love the lyrics! And it’s such a fun song!
I want you to be crazy
'Cause you're boring baby when you're straight
I want you to be crazy
'Cause you're stupid baby when you're sane
MJ: Interesting song :) Hadn't heard this one before.

10th Song - Bjork – It’s Oh So Quiet
NM: I adore this track! Oh the drama!
MJ: Ssshh! :)

Bonus Songs
Why? Because 10 is just not enough :)

11th Song - Shaa’ir + Func – Hard To Forget
NM: I love the lyrics to this track. S+F is such a fun band, and they’ve really made a lot of music of the past few years. I’m totally looking forward to their third album, Mantis.
MJ: Love watching them live. Full fun band :) I love Randolph's glasses! They are so cool...and Monica...who can complain about seeing her on stage :)

12th Song - The XX – VCR
NM: The XX and Florence and the Machine are two of my new favourite bands.
MJ: Okay. What is going on? Where are you getting all these bands from.
Well to be honest, it's all my fault. I just don't listen to enough contemporary stuff.
Neysa...please to become the official new songs giver for The MJ Show :)

Just thought I'd check out the other band Neysa mentioned as well. Have a look guys and girls.
Bonus Song - Florence + The Machine - Dog Days Are Over

13th Song - Vampire Weekend – A-Punk
NM: This is a great album start to finish. I also think it’s a great album for a road-trip, the perfect soundtrack for driving on an open road with the sunshine streaming in through the windows.
MJ: Love picture you've painted in me mind. Gotta listen to the album soon :)

14th Song - The White Stripes – The Hardest Button To Button
NM: I love The White Stripes. I actually love Jack White as I love the Raconteurs quite equally.
MJ: I recently saw this documentary that featured Jack White. Was called "It Might Get Loud". Also had Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) and The Edge (U2). Discovered a LOT about The White Stripes. The man is a blues man through and through. Really interesting stuff.

Bonus Track - The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
I know this is their most famous song and everyone knows it...but what the heck. It's a song I LOVE too. So you're getting it right here right now!

15th Song - Eddie Vedder – Guaranteed
NM: It’s a great track to end your day. In fact, I think the entire album is phenomenal. He composed and performed the entire soundtrack for Into The Wild and Guaranteed is a track from that OST.
MJ: I've just got the movie a couple of days ago. Have been meaning to watch it. The man is brilliant. What a voice!

Excellent playlist Neysa. Thanks a lot for these songs :) Like I said, You've always got a spot here for giving me new songs. Keep sending me your favourites every now and then on twitter or in a mail and I'll put em up!

Right is now time for me to say...take care...and have a nice day! :)
This is your Musicman Mihir...signing off!

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