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The MJ Show #58 (Guests Series - Luke Kenny's Top 10 Songs)

It gives me great pleasure to finally get one of my closest friends in the absolutely awesome guy on my show as my "Guest" :) I'd been behind him for this for a while but he's one of the busiest guys I know so I can totally get that it took him a while to get these in. I am hoping however that this is the first of his many appearances on The MJ Show. Why? Because I don't know too many people who know more music and more about music than him.
Like I said, I have the pleasure of calling him a friend...a very close friend...but that does not in any way diminish the immense amount of respect I have for him and for all the awesome stuff he's done.
Allow me then, to introduce you all to my friend, one of the coolest blokes in Bombay or Mumbai if you prefer...Mr.Luke Kenny!

Luke Kenny: Hello everyone! A big thank you to Mihir for having me here on his's been a long time coming. So, top ten songs huh...well it has always been one of the most difficult tasks for me because my top tens or twenty's or how many ever's can change every minute. so without much further ado or any thematic structure (I'll save those for later) here are some extremely random songs that I have pulled out from off the top of my no particular order. Here goes...

1st Song - Michael Jackson - Working Day And Night
LK: Starting off with the King. This is from his 1979 "Off The Wall" album which I actually heard before I heard "Thriller" way back in 1982. This song is what MJ is all about - never stopping, keeping on going till you reach that perfection. I played it a lot when I was a DJ and I would play five clubs in one night starting from 8 in the evening to sometimes 8 next morning, those were the days and nights, working with way.
MJ: Oh yeah...for all of you who may not know this. DJing and dancing is what Luke started off things with. I think after that was the VJing and the programming and then the acting and singing and hosting stuff and writing!
Holy shit! He's probably one of the few guys I know who's doing and has done more things than anyone I know :) (Myself included...and I've done a whole bunch of things too). Isn't that right Luke?
Incidentally I LOVE MJ too and if you guys have missed it...check out the massive 50th episode of The MJ Show for a mammoth Michael Jackson Special!
Luke...I've got two videos of this song for you. Check this out.


2nd Song - U2 - The Unforgettable Fire
LK: One of my favorite U2 songs and one of their most enigmatic compositions. Imagine driving through the city just after its rained, the drenched streets, the shiny lights, the smell of the dampness in the air, and then put this song on. exhiliration.
MJ: Brilliant word picture man.
Here's a great video for the song! :) HD!! :) Enjoy!

MJ: And I just saw the original video too. I get what Luke's talking about. Check this out!
Bonus Song - U2 - The Unforgettable Fire

3rd Song - Them Clones - Color
LK: One of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard in recent times. And the fact that they're one of India's premiere bands makes me even more proud. Curl up with your loved one under the blankets and let this song play. Magic!
MJ: Now Luke, unfortunately I couldn't find a video for this song...but phikar not! I've got you covered.
For starters...Them Clones fans check out a video that they have put up! A song called "My Life" - KICK ASS!
Bonus Song - Them Clones - My Life

And here's what we're going to do so you can check out Colour.
You can go to their myspace page here...
Listen to Colour and their other songs too! And for the love of God, music and all things good...go pick up their album! :)
I also recommend a song called "Zephyretta". That's my favourite song by the band!
Bonus Song - Them Clones - Zephyretta

4th Song - James Brown - Cold Sweat
LK: How cool is this man, a pioneer in performance, dance music, funkiness, coolness and any other '-ness' you want to attach to him. And this song literally makes you break out into one once you get down to it. Aaaaaaaaooow!
MJ: Oh hell yeah baby!

MJ: Right about now...I...I...I feel good!!!

5th Song - Depeche Mode - Blasphemous Rumours
LK: I love goth and everything about it. It s shame we don't have a scene here in India. But this song is what its all about. One of the pioneers of the electro-goth sound and the goth vibe in general, this another one of those enigmatic ones that make you sit and wonder.
MJ: This is one of those moments I was waiting for on the show. When you show me something I have no clue about. Okay then. Going to check em out with the rest of you. Here it is:

6th Song - Lucas - Lucas With The Lid Off
LK: One of those songs that got associated with me because of the title and my madcap image. But seriously, its the video that totally rocks it. Directed by genius Michel Gondry this ones a stunner...and groovy too.
MJ: Another song I'd not heard. Really liking it. Pretty cool stuff man.

7th Song - Bob Dylan - Born In Time
LK: A lot of Dylans music has slipped through the cracks as time has gone by. A lot of what was thought to be middling is actually good. Once you get past his voice. This ones from Under The Red Sky. Fab lyrics as always.
MJ: Yeah. I know what you mean. I've never been able to get past his voice. It is probably why I've not really gotten into his music. Or Van Morrison for that matter. Got to rectify that soon though.

MJ: And hey...speaking of Van Morrison. Here's a song of his that I'm totally tripping on these days. It's a song called Crazy Love. Michael Buble covered it in his latest studio album which is in fact called "Crazy Love"...but the version I want to give you tonight is by a man with a voice that could melt anyone. Here's Brian McKnight doing...Crazy Love! DO NOT MISS THIS SONG! :)
Bonus Song - Brian McKnight - Crazy Love

8th Song - Petula Clark - Downtown
LK: Considered an oldie by technical standards, its the song that remains timeless. I challenge you to not sit up and take notice if you've never heard this song ever. And if you haven't heard it in a long time, prepare to feel the exuberance that this song generates.
MJ: Awesome song man! You know how I love the "oldies". Brilliant having this song in your playlist!

MJ: And you know what. One good ol lady deserves another :) Here's a song I LOVE :)
Marilyn Monroe! This one was in a brilliant Billy Wilder movie called "Some Like It Hot" that featured her along with Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon. You'll see them in the video too :);)

9th Song - The Rolling Stones - Jumping Jack Flash
LK: What a great song to kick off a gig with! Rock n Roll!!
MJ: Totally LOVE this song! :) 1,2..
Here's a version where Mick Jagger sings it as it should be sung...

MJ: And here's one where it's just fun to see the gig! Holy hell! How many people did they have at that gig? A million!! The Rolling Stones took over Rio!!
And hell yeah! This is how you kick off a gig!!!

10th Song - Erasure - Blue Savannah Song
LK: A perfect song for the morning and to end this set from me. This is erasure at their best at the close of the decade that was the '80s. It was probably the best time for pop music ever. Put this on first thing in the morning and I guarantee you a great day.
MJ: 80s kicked ass indeed :) This one's for all you 80s music fans out there!

LK: So that's it from me. Thanks Mihir for this opportunity, see you again soon. And as for all of you out there...keep listening. Love and peace.

MJ: Hey man...the pleasure was all mine :) Have been wanting you here for a while. This however is NOT the end for you okay? :) I want more playlists from you to share here soon :)
Take care and have an awesome day...and best of luck with the new band!

Speaking of which. Were you guys at Hard Rock Cafe last night! Holy Hell!!! Luke Kenny's band was on fire! One of the most ass kicking sets I've heard from an Indian band in a bloody long time. Had a blast!
Great songs Luke :) Get the videos and we'll do an MJ Show with your songs soon!

Hope you all enjoyed the songs. I know I did :)

Right then...It's now time for me to say...take care...and good night! :)
This is your Musicman Mihir...signing off!

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