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The MJ Show #70 (Engelbert)

When I was a radio jockey, I got a chance to do a lot of really cool things and meet a lot of really cool people and talk to them...and interview them for my show. I also did a lot of interviews for various newspapers and magazines in the last few years.
Of all the people I met and spoke with...nothing was more thrilling than when I met and interviewed Engelbert when he came to Mumbai. I remember every minute of that meeting. It was without a doubt the highest point of my career as a RJ or a journalist or simply as a music fan.
I mean...this guy is MASSIVE and is probably one of the only legends who's still singing and entertaining audiences since the time Elvis was doing his thing!
This was as close as I was going to get to meeting Elvis...but don't get me wrong. I was incredibly kicked about meeting Engelbert too :)
Now I had another high point in my career when I interviewed him. Halfway through the interview he stopped me and said "You've really done your research haven't you?" and he seemed really happy with my interview. I was blown away! I mean this is a man who has done atleast a million interviews and to stop a young kid (I was about 23 back then) and tell him that he's doing good...that's something eh?
And after that...there was a party that night. At the Taj. Tons of reporters, cameramen and Mumbai elite were there. In walks Engelbert with a few people. I was just happy to be there and was peacefully standing by the side while the photographers went nuts. As he walked by me, he stopped, looked at me, said "Hey! How are you?" smiled and me and moved ahead. Then when I went up to me...he put his arm around me and we took this photo.

This was possibly the first and last time that I was star struck :) I figured...that after meeting and talking to him there's no one who'll ever intimidate me or make me star struck again. And that's saying something because this was one of my first interviews. After him I went on to meet/interview Joe Satriani, Mark Knopfler, Roger Waters, Deep Purple, Bryan Adams, Alan Parsons, Walter Trout, Iron Maiden, Ronan Keating, Shaggy and a whole bunch of others :)
See some of them here:

Oh yeah, I also got 3 LPs and a couple of cds signed by the man and then watched him play live at the NCPA. He is incredible...even now! Would you believe...he's almost 70 and the aunties sitting in the front rows were going nuts everytime he looked at them or threw a hanky at them. :) It was a thrill to watch the man. Without a doubt, it's a gig I'll never forget! :)

What I have for you today is a comprehensive list of pretty much all his hit singles since 1967!!
There are a LOT! And I've added a few bonus songs too. Hope you like em.

January 1967 - Release Me (And Let Me Love Again)

Bonus Song - Engelbert & Ray Charles - Release Me

May 1967 - There Goes My Everything

August 1967 - The Last Waltz

January 1968 - Am I That Easy to Forget

April 1968 - A Man Without Love (Quando M'Innamoro)

September 1968 - Les Bicyclettes de Belsize

February 1969 - The Way It Used To Be

August 1969 - I'm A Better Man

November 1969 - Winter World Of Love

May 1970 - My Marie

September 1970 - Sweetheart

May 1971 - When There's No You

September 1971 - Another Time, Another Place

March 1972 - Too Beautiful To Last

August 1972 - In Time

December 1972 - I Never Said Goodbye

October 1973 - Love Is All

February 1974 - Free As the Wind

November 1975 - This Is What You Mean To Me

October 1976 - After the Lovin'

April 1977 - I Believe In Miracles

June 1977 - Goodbye My Friend

October 1977 - Lover's Holiday

April 1978 - The Last of the Romantics

December 1978 - This Moment In Time

July 1979 - A Much, Much Greater Love

March 1980 - Love's Only Love

June 1981 - Don't You Love Me Anymore

July 1983 - Til You And Your Lover Are Lovers Again

March 1988 - Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You

June 1989 - Red Roses For My Lady

July 1996 - Lesbian Seagull

January 1999 - Quando Quando Quando

May 2000 - How To Win Your Love

May 2002 - Once in a while

Bonus Songs
Spanish Eyes

My Way

Strangers In The Night

Somebody Like You

Everything I Do

You're My Heart, You're My Soul

A Whole New World

Just The Two Of Us

And here's the finale! :)
Engelbert Humperdinck - Medley 2007

This one was for all you Engelbert fans and I know that there are a LOT of you out there :)

A MASSIVE thanks to Sunday Midday for featuring The MJ Show in today's paper.
Check out the article here.

It's in an album on The Musicman Mihir Fan Club on facebook along with a few other photos :)

Right is now time for me to say...take care...and have a nice day! :)
This is your Musicman Mihir...signing off!

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