Monday, November 17, 2008

Life...isn't it brilliant!?

Its been over a year since I last wrote on this blog.
So much has happened since I last wrote here. Its been quite amazing. Life as I've always said has a brilliant way to working out. You just have to give it some time.
I'm really happy right now. Got a great band that I'm singing with, my radio shows are excellent, things great on a personal level as well...and life in general is looking excellent.
In this last year I also got me a tattoo, in fact, I'm just going in tomorrow to get it retouched a bit.
Got some awesome things to look forward to with the band. We go to Hyderabad this weekend, we've been writing new songs and I think that we'll have enough material by the end of the year to go into the studio soon. We also recently shot our first video...can't wait to see that come out. We had a brilliant anniversary show at Hard Rock Cafe on the 14th of August and then later next month we celebrate our first anniversary of playing at Hard Rock Cafe.
Don't really have much to complain about...I think those are the best kind of posts to write :) I BRILLIANT!


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