Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I love to cook!
Hot damn! I love to cook! :)
Isn't there just something perfectly awesome about cooking a meal? I love cooking pastas and new stuff. My own inventions.
I can cook a complete Indian meal too by the way. Roti, sabji, dal and rice. I can also make really good dosas. (Sometimes with my own innovations. Pasta sauce dosa, oregano dosa, paprika and chaat masala dosa etc)
But what I love to cook most is pastas.

It is totally non gay by the way...so if any guy is reading this and saying that its gay...you're totally wrong and I'll tell you why. Here's a tip from someone who knows what he's talking about.
Apart from the personal pleasure of knowing that you've made something fabulous...it totally makes your woman happy too. So :) cooking is totally good for the manly man.
Trust me...learn something nice for your lady and cook it for her. If you don't get some extra loving, you can come back here and write that I'm an idiot in the comments section below. Heh.

For more on my cooking see: musicmancooks.blogspot.com/


Moving On...

...is a tough thing to do.
I've always wondered, how people who're in long lasting and intense relationships break up to begin with and then when they do...how exactly do they move on.
I'm trying it right now. It ain't that easy. Believe me on that.
The smallest things remind you of your past, the tiniest events make you want to have that person back in your life...the nicest and the worst dreams wake you up.
Its worse when the dreams are nice. John Mayers song "Dreaming With A Broken Heart" (I've talked about it a while ago) is the exact explanation of what I mean.
When you're dreaming with a broken heart, the waking up is indeed the hardest part.

Hmmmm. Life is nice to me though. I love my work. It is really satisfying. I love my friends. They're with me in the best possible way. I have no complaints with life in general.
Yet...something is missing.

Anyway, for now, I'm good with work and friends. Its going to take a LONG time before I think about a serious relationship again...but I know that I'll be able to trust someone again...to love someone again...to give myself to someone again.
It'll take time, sure...but I know it'll happen.

(Its strange how it feels kinda nice when you just write down stuff that you've been saying to yourself over and over again. Its kinda nice seeing the thoughts in black and white, looking back at you I guess.)


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Being Nice

A funny thing happened a few days ago.
I was on my way from Alfa to Akbarallys Andheri (for those not acquainted with Mumbai...lets say I was going from one place to another...the names don't matter).
So I was walking towards this place and I saw this young girl, possibly 17-18 years of age (she may have been a little older) desperately trying to hail an auto-rickshaw. She seemed quite timid and for some reason no autos (even the empty ones were stopping for her). From her face I could see that she really needed to get to someplace. So after I walked a few metres past her I stopped and looked back at her. Seeing that she was still unsuccessful at stopping an auto I thought I'd lend a hand. I waved out and called for an auto from the other side of the road and the guy came over. I know, it sounds funny that a guy could hail an auto while a girl couldn't but I'm not kidding you, the auto came. The girl was still looking in the other direction and she hadn't seen this auto come and stop in front of me.
I then called out to her. I said "Excuse me"...I smiled and we spoke a bit with our eyes. My eyes said "hey...here's an auto for you". Hers were shocked for a minute. If I could read them right this is what they probably said. "What the f**k. Who...what?? Why is this stranger getting me an auto".
I smiled again...and gestured at the empty auto. She walked ahead and smiled at me. I was ready to walk out of there, back to where I was initially going...and just then before she entered the auto, she looked at me, smiled again and mouthed "Thank you."

I had the biggest smile on my face for a long time after that.

Being nice for the sake of being nice. Its awesome.
(For the record...I have no idea who she was, can't remember her face...and had no interest in getting to know her. It was an impulsive desire to do something nice for someone. If you ever have such a desire...act on it. Believe me...nothing feels nicer than just being nice.)


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