Thursday, April 19, 2007

Isn't there always a silver lining...

...I believe there is!
A few weeks ago I wrote "Shit Happens". Shit also unhappens :)
Life is pretty brilliant...and good stuff happens in the most unexpected, wonderful ways. I believe that all you need to do when things don't really seem all that to just hang in there and believe!
You have GOT to believe in things that matter to you when things are going good. What I mean is...if you are convinced that something is really good when everything is working out...that good thing doesn't suddenly become bad when there are problems in life.
Believe in what you believe in...and sure enough...things will eventually work themselves out.

Home, trust, honesty, faith, goodness in others, friendship, family...Love...and myself.
These are things I believe in. There've been times when all of these things have been tested and questioned...but that hasn't changed the way I feel about them. I believe in them all...and I know that they all exist in my life...permanently. The degrees to which they exist varies from time to time...but they exist nevertheless.

Is there a point? Yes...I think there is.
I believe there is always hope...because no matter how much the clouds gather around times even for days...remember that...the sun HAS to come up!


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