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The MJ Show #9 (Best covers by John Mayer)

In my opinion, John Mayer is one of the most incredible artists of this generation. I don't know another guy who can write songs, sing em and play the guitar like this man can. I had the awesome pleasure of interviewing him a couple of years ago after Continuum came out.
(You can read that here if you like:

Now with his new album "Battle Studies" out...Mayer fever hits me again.

His new album will be a complete discussion which we'll have very soon.
But right now, I wanted to show you why this man is so awesome. Check out some covers he's done. INCREDIBLE is the word :)

1st Song - John Mayer - Free Fallin' #TheMJshow
From his live album/dvd - Where The Light Is. Here's a Tom Petty classic done in John's inimitable style.

2nd Song - John Mayer - I'm On Fire #TheMJshow
Here's John's take on a Bruce Springsteen classic. I believe this is a bonus track on his new album "Battle Studies"

3rd Song - John Mayer - Message In A Bottle #TheMJshow
I know he loves Sting. Here's a version of "Message in a bottle" that I love. This was from a live album/dvd called "Any Given Thursday"

4th Song - John Mayer - Crossroads #TheMJshow
Another song from "Battle Studies". His nod to the great Robert Johnson, Clapton and Cream I think :)
Here's a kick ass live version of the song.

5th Song - John Mayer - Bold As Love #TheMJshow
What guitar player doesn't like Hendrix. Here's John doing a great song originally by Hendrix. This song featued on Continuum as well.

6th Song - John Mayer - Lenny #TheMJshow
Another guitar player who's always in top 5 list for most guitar players is probably Stevie Ray Vaughn. Here's John taking on a SRV track. This is again from the "Any Given Thursday" dvd and is one of my favourite performances on the album. The other song I really really love was a song called "Covered In Rain". You see this song and Covered In Rain and you know why he's considered one of the finest blues guitarists around.
Here, see Lenny/The Man On The Sire

7th Song - John Mayer - Inner City Blues #TheMJshow
Not a very well known song I'll admit. Its a Marvin Gaye song that he put out a live album called "As/Is". Brilliant as anything else he's done.

8th Song - John Mayer - I Don't Need No Doctor #TheMJshow
A Ray Charles song gets Mayerified! Here's a live performance from the "Where The Light Is" live album

9th Song - John Mayer - 83 #TheMJshow
Though this is his song, I love how he uses Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" in the start of this song. Brilliant! Again from the fabulous "Any Given Thursday" live album.

10th Song - John Mayer - Everyday I Have The Blues #TheMJshow
John takes on a blues standard. This is a song that has been done by pretty much every big name in the blues biz. 

11th Song - John Mayer - Old Love #TheMJshow
One of my favourite songs ever by Eric Clapton gets done by two great contemporary artists - John Mayer and Brad Paisley. DO see this!

12th Song - John Mayer - Start Me Up #TheMJshow
John does a Rolling Stones classic!

13th Song - John Mayer - Human Nature #TheMJshow
In my opinion the greatest cover he has done and honestly the only real tribute song at Michael Jackson's Memorial Ceremony. I'll admit it, I had a few tears in my eyes when I saw this. This song shows the true musical genius of both Michael Jackson and John Mayer. is MJ...the other is JM :) I like coincidences like these :)
Incidentally, I've always loved the fact that I'm MJ too :) (Mihir Joshi just in case you were wondering. Musicman Mihir is not my real name...nor do I ask everyone to call me that all the time. Heh :)

The number 13 is kinda special to me. I love John Mayer...which is why I chose to keep 13 songs in this playlist, instead of 10 or 20 as I've done in the past :)
Just thought I'd let you know why there are just 13 songs...not more and not less :)

That's a wrap!
Good night and take care!

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