Thursday, December 10, 2009

The MJ Show #5 (Jim Morrison/The Doors Special)

Jim Morrison/The Doors Tribute
The first song that kicked off the first album of The Doors HAS to be my first song for the Morrison here goes...
1st Song - The Doors - Break On Through  #TheMJshow Ohhh yeah!!! \m/

Bonus track - The Doors - Alabama Song #TheMJshow - This one goes out for @sayid_islam 

From the second album of The Doors, Strange Days, coming up is a song I LOVE.
2nd Song - The Doors - When the Music's Over #TheMJshow 11 Minutes of crazy ass bliss baby!! 11:07 to be precise!! :) Ohh yeah!

I want to give you another track from this album...because its just too awesome to miss out :)
The Doors - Love Me Two Times #TheMJshow

From the third album by The Doors coming up is a song I have always found incredibly intriguing ...
3rd Song - The Doors - Spanish Caravan  #TheMJshow

The 4th song for The Doors tribute set was the lead single off their 4th album. This song featured saxophonist Curtis Amy. The album was a little different from their earlier material...a little more pop oriented but it was still a hit album for them. 4th Song - The Doors - Touch Me #TheMJshow "Come on, come on, come on, come on now...Touch me, babe!" :)

Their 5th song is a song from their 5th album Morrison Hotel which featured the ever favourite "Roadhouse Blues" :)
But my 5th Song is - The Doors - Peace Frog  #TheMJshow This one's for @nehakarmarkar Remember her asking me for this when I was on radio:)

And what the hell...have a look at Roadhouse Blues too.
The Doors - Roadhouse Blues #TheMJshow

1971 saw the release of their 6th studio album - L.A.Woman.
6th song - The Doors - Riders on the Storm #TheMJshow I chose this over "L.A.Woman" and "Love Her Madly", the other big hits on the album.

But I'll let you see the other two songs too :)
Here's The Doors - L.A.Woman #TheMJshow

And here's a live performance of The Doors - Love Her Madly #TheMJshow

Those were songs from the studio albums :) Now a couple of live songs :)
From the 1970 album Absolutely Live - 
7th Song - The Doors - Soul Kitchen  #TheMJshow

From another 1970 live album, Live in New York, here's a song that was recommended by @_rajeevbajpai
8th Song - The Doors - Gloria #TheMJshow Originally a song by Van Morrison

Okay last two songs from their most successful album, their first album -
9th Song - The Doors - Light My Fire #TheMJshow

10th Song - The Doors - The End #TheMJshow

And yeah...when the music's over...turn out the lights. :)
The Doors - When The Music's Over #TheMJshow

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