Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Hmmm...this is something everyone asks me. No. Actually this is what I have most often been teased about. And I actually don't mind it.
Two things actually I get teased about a lot...a)So how come your underwear isn't on the outside? and b)Where's Tulsi?
(Good God people! Get over that crap!
For those who have no clue about what I'm saying, firstly...congratulations! You're one of the finer people in this world. Why? Well you don't watch hindi soaps and that makes you A-Okay in my book.
There was this crazy hindi soap opera called "Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi" which was a rage and the main character was called Mihir and his wife was called Tulsi...and hence the ridiculous question "Where's Tulsi?"
The first few times that happened I was clueless till a family member, unfortunately not one of us made me wiser. I've never really hated anything in my life...hate is a horrible thing to have...but I've come quite close to it with this question.)
But I digress, the topic of this blog wasn't why I hate Mihir Virani and Saas Bhi what not. It was simply Superman.
So let me get to that.

Superman...well liking him has NOTHING to do with his cool powers and his awesome adventures.
I've got two things thanks to Superman comics.
1)I learnt to be a good person. Superman is the personification of goodness.
He taught me to always want to do the right thing. To genuinely care about people and to just be a good guy and a gentleman. I'm still trying to be all that I can be...but I can quite honestly tell you that I like how I've turned out...and Superman has helped a lot in shaping me into the guy that I am.
Also, if you've read Superman comics enough you'll know that if you raise your kids well, be good to them, teach them good stuff...they turn out quite all right. I like that thought a lot...and it makes me feel that, someday when I have kids, I'll pass on to them all that I have learnt in my life...the good and the bad, teach them simple truths and tell them that life really isn't complicated or bad. And I know that even if I can't change the whole world, I can bring in a couple more people into the world who would want to believe in being good and in the goodness of others.
That too, I got from Superman.
So yeah...I really love Superman, the human being, for these reasons.

and 2)Above everything else...Superman comics are the most incredible love story.
The love he shares with his wife...thats what I believe in. I believe in the kind of love that makes you love another person, time and distance not withstanding.
I mean think about it. They both spend so much time away from each other and they're both hot people and men and women must be throwing themselves at Lois and Superman, in that order (or well nowadays in any order) but they stay true to each other.
I believe in a love based on complete faith and trust. A love where you love the person, inside out...for everything that they are.
Lois loves Superman because he is Clark Kent, the normal guy...not Superman the superhero. But she loves and embraces that part of his life too. And Superman loves her because she is Lois the person and not because she's a superhot reporter who's got a lot of good things going on for her.
I believe in a love like that. A love where you love the person and not what they do.
A love where your trust...in the relationship is more than anything else in the world.
I got that from Superman and Lois.

So...for making me want to be a good person...and for making me believe in love (even at my lowest points)...for that I love Superman.

And no matter how much people tease me when I wear Superman stuff (and I have a lot...a tie pin, a belt buckle, a cap, a medallion and some tshirts) I shall continue wearing it and wear it with pride.
Superman is the symbol of hope and goodness. Who knows, when I wear it, and people look at it...maybe the niceness will rub off on them too :)

A final thought, start reading comics...Superman comics. Who knows how he may help you out. Honestly, I can't think of a better role model to have in your life.

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