Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The MJ Show #131 - Kumar Gandharva - Mala Umajlele Bal Gandharva

One of my favourite albums growing up was "Mala Umajlele Bal Gandharva". I remember my dad had an old cassette of the album. In fact, I remember that it wasn't even an original cassette. He had got it recorded from a friend of his who had the original album. A few years ago, when I got into the radio business, I searched all over and finally found the album on CD at a store in Dadar and it was like finding lost treasure for me.
I didn't know what the words meant back then...and I still don't...but I know that this man's voice speaks out to me. When I heard that they were making a movie on Bal Gandharva, the only reason I wanted to see it is to see if the songs sound as good as Kumarji's. They did in their own way and that's a tale for another episode...but the reason I mentioned it here is that as far as I was concerned, this man, Kumar Gandharva, was and still is for me one of the greatest singers I've ever heard.

A few days ago, talking to a friend of mine, Yashad, who is also a classical music aficionado I told him that I must do a show on Kumar Gandharva and that got both of us excited. I will be putting up a few more shows on Indian classical music in the days to come but the first thing I wanted to do when I thought of doing anything about classical music...is...I wanted to put up a show on this incredible album.
When I searched the net, I was stunned to find that there were hardly any good recordings of the album on the net...and so...for the very first time, I uploaded all songs of an entire album on to youtube. This is my tribute to this incredible man and these songs.
I really do hope you enjoy them. I can't say much about the songs themselves...or about the man or about Bal Gandharva. There's enough info about that all over the net.
Right now...I just want to give you the songs of one of my favourite albums ever.
Enjoy! :)

Nath Ha Maza

Tat Kari Duhita

Sujan Kasa Man Chori

Mam Aatma Gamala Ha

Mala Madan Bhase

Karin Yadu Mani Sadana

Kashi Ya Tyaju Padala

Nayane Lajvit

Virat Dyanee

Prabhu Aji Gamala

So...how was it for you? Was this your first time listening to him? Or are you a big fan?
Let me know what you think on www.facebook.com/mihirjoshipage

Right then...it is now time for me to say take care and have a nice day! :)
This is your Musicman...Mihir Joshi...signing off!

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