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The MJ Show #124 - Guests Series - 2Blue's (@2Bluehimself is the singer of Mumbai band Zedde) Top 10 songs!

Hope you're doing all right lovely people. The "Guests Series" is back on The MJ Show and I've got 3 guests already lined up! The first of the three is up today.

To read up the official dope on him and his band...see but let me tell you about my friend 2Blue. He first came on my radio show on FM Rainbow almost 7 years ago when I used to have bands come over and chat about their music. It was a different band back then...but after all these years...the crazy energy and love for music I had seen back then is still very much there every time we meet.
Over the years we've gotten to know each other better and even jammed a couple of times on stage...and I've got to say...he's one of the nicest guys I've met over the years and a true rock n roller. :)
It gives me great pleasure to bring back the Guests Series with my good friend...lover of music...liver of life
...singer of Zedde...2Blue! we go! :)

2blue: Hey man! How've you been?
Mihir: I've been fantastic. So...your top 10 songs...let's have it!

2blue:These are 10 songs I've sung countless times at my shows, 10 songs I can't live without.
1. Daddy Brother Lover Little Boy - Mr. Big

2blue: This song always brings back memories from the early 90s when I was in boarding school in Chennai. Watch out for the electric drill machine solo.
Mihir: CRAZY stuff! Great way to start off this set! :)

2. We Didn't Start The Fire - Billy Joel
2blue: Here's a song that's as radical as a song can be, and yet has a powerful message.
Mihir: I love this song. Another song of Billy Joel's that I really love is "New York State Of Mind". Check out this version...with Bruce Springsteen! :) This one's for you and for the Billy Joel fans out there:

3. Break On Through - Stone Temple Pilots (The Doors cover)

2blue: This song is probably one of the best songs that has ever been written. I think Stone Temple Pilots threw in just about the right ingredients to make you wanna carry this song to the gym everyday. Goosebumps guaranteed.
Mihir: I'd heard Scott Weiland doing a cover of a Beatles song once. Let me look it up. Oh yeah...check this out!

4. Message In A Bottle - The Police

2blue: This is the kinda song that a genius like John Mayer is happy playing the rhythm guitar for. Enough said.
Mihir: Ohh speaking of John Mayer and Message In A Bottle...check this out! :)

5. Smooth Criminal - Michael Shulman (Michael Jackson cover)

2blue: I watched Michael Shulman perform this song at Penn Station, New York in May 2009. The passion in his delivery could move you to tears. Watch the video to know what I'm saying.
Mihir: My God!! This man is insane! Loved the video. Great cover! :)
Speaking of great covers of a Michael Jackson song, I've got to get John Mayer back in again. I personally think that this is the greatest cover of a Michael Jackson song ever! (It does help that it's also my favourite song by Michael and it's my favourite contemporary musician) :)

6. Dreams - Van Halen

2Blue: Here's a song that defines the 80s, the golden era of the LA rock scene, the formative years of every 30-something rocker that is worth his salt. Sweet adrenaline-soaked nostalgia.

7. Mumbai - Zedde

2blue: This song is all about Mumbai, the first I ever wrote for my band Zedde. With every performance, it only gets closer to the heart.
Mihir: Kudos on all the success Zedde has been having these days bro. I'm really happy for you guys. Great stuff!

8. Sleep - Indus Creed
2Blue: This song has always been a favorite. That melody and those words... "Home is a place where you can hide. A shelter away from others' eyes. A sanctuary in the ground where a measure of love can be found. Home is where you return to die." Goes out from me to Mahesh Tinaikar - founding member and guitar player extraordinaire - who lost his mother very recently.
Mihir: Oh man! I'd like to share one more video with all the Indus Creed fans checking this out:
Mihir: Actually...let's make it two! :)

9. Bottom Of Your Soul - Toto
2blue: Another masterpiece with soul stirring lyrics and vocal melodies. "Why is it that the ones that we love are the ones who'll never come home? Why must every bridge we cross take their toll?" Lukather is the king.
Mihir: Brilliant stuff! :)

10. Vavoom: Ted The Mechanic - Deep Purple

2blue: Put your favorite rock n' roll heroes in one band. What do you get? You get Deep Purple. I watched them shatter all signs of human sanity two years in a row. Needless to say I will always be their biggest fan.
Mihir: I remember the time when you used to sing so many of their songs. Also remember you doing Soldier Of Fortune in my radio studio all those years ago. :) Good fun that was this.
Thanks a lot for being on the show man. :)

By the way...all of you reading this...Zedde are performing tomorrow night at Hard Rock Cafe Mumbai (3rd  May 2012). Make sure you go and catch them play.
Speaking of which, I'll be playing there this month as well on the 17th. I'm hoping to see a LOT of you at the gigs! :)

Here's a little something that 2blue and I did together years ago :)
2blue...this one's for you my friend :)

I guess both 2blue and I are wishing that you'll be with us at Hard Rock Cafe this month...on the 3rd and on the 17th!
Rock n Roll! :)

Right is now time for me to say take care and have a fantastic day! :)
This is your Musicman...Mihir Joshi...signing off!

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