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The MJ Show #94(.3) (My playlist on Miss Malini's Pirate Radio Show & then some)

I had the awesome pleasure of being with Miss Malini (@MissMalini)on her show - Pirate Radio on 94.3 Radio One.
First up, Malini, thank you very much for having me on your show. It was a LOT of fun (Despite the fact that two songs got repeated twice in the broadcast. No idea how that happened by the way. 'Tis cool though.) and I would love to come back and do it again :)

These are the 13 songs I had chosen for the show. I'm going to give you those 13 songs and a few more that I would have LOVED to play on the show right here on this special episode of The MJ Show.
The songs I've chosen show you my influences...the bands and artists that have a)got me into music and b)helped me figure out that more than anything else in the world...I want to be a singer and a performer! :)
So yeah...we'll be going through loads of different styles and artists...and I love em all!

I used to often open my rock music shows with this song. LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. What a way to kick things off! This is for all the people who used to listen to me when I was back on All India Radio's FM Rainbow. Good days eh? :) I really really miss doing those shows.
1. Aerosmith - Back In The Saddle

Bonus Song:
Another song I often used to open shows, and one that I was really considering for tonight's Pirate Radio show as well is:
ACDC - Back In Black

(Speaking of can win yourself 5 Iron Man 2 soundtrack ACDC cds right here. Check out: ACDC Iron Man 2 CDs Contest )

The Beatles was one of the first bands I heard growing up. I love their music and it's been a HUGE influence on me. And I've kinda grown up around their music in a way.  I remember that back when I began listening to them I LOVED their earlier stuff and as I grew up my tastes moved towards the latter half of their career. I love all of their songs but here's a good fun song to match the first song.
Ass kicking is what they were...The Beatles!
2. The Beatles - Helter Skelter

If I could choose another song though it would be..."Something" :)
Check out the version I have for you here!
The Beatles (George Harrison) - Something

There are so many more Beatles songs I can choose but we'll take that to another show eh? :) if I had to choose ONE band that has been the BIGGEST influence on me as a rock would have to be Queen. Freddie's a big influence as a singer too but I think he truly was one of the greatest performers in the world...and this here song, it shows you just why he was both. One of the greatest performers in the world and possibly the greatest rock singer as well.
This one's for all you Queens (fans) out there ;) :) Enjoy!
3. Queen - Somebody To Love (Live from Rock Montreal Concert)

Two bands that I loved growing up and that were also big influences were Pink Floyd and Dire Straits.
I had the pleasure of meeting Roger Waters and Mark Knopfler!! :)
One of the joys of being a radio jockey and a freelance writer I guess. It was incredible meeting them both.
Also had the pleasure of meeting other great bands and artists I've admired and liked. Engelbert, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Bryan Adams, Ronan Keating, Joe Satriani to name a few :)
And how can I forget the Indian bands I've loved like Zero, Parikrama, Pentagram, Soulmate, Buddha Blown and all ther others.
This songs for all of them and for my band, The Works. We LOVE doing this next song. So this goes out to Partho, Shannon, Hansel and Michael :)
4. Pink Floyd - Coming Back To Life

Bonus Song
Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms

Another genre that has been a BIG influence on me is the Blues-Rock. Well simply put they're bands that took the blues and did a LOT more with it. Amplified it...sexied it up...made it...well rock n roll music! \m/
Here's Eric Clapton doing one of my favourite songs by him though this is more bluesy than Blues-Rockish. Incidentally his various bands and songs are all big influences on me.
5. Eric Clapton - Old Love

Bonus songs
Blues Rock/Rock n Roll music isn't complete unless I feature these next two bands:
Led Zeppelin - Trampled Underfoot

The Rolling Stones - Angie

The Doors - When The Music's Over

This next one's for good friends - new and old :)
It's for Nandan, Tom, Rahul and Ashwin.
Also very specially for Vishal (@allVishal) who has designed the most ass kicking logo I could ever imagine having :) Thanks man :)
And for Mihir (@mihirlakhani) for helping me get back on it's feet. It's not completely back up yet...but it's getting there :)
And for Parag Kamani - who's been a friend and a guide for so many years.
And for Luke Kenny whose friendship I truly and deeply cherish. It's not easy finding so much in common with a guy in this world. It's awesome having you as a pal :)

The song represents my love for modern rock and the blues. John Mayer is in my opinion the most incredible songwriter and blues guitar player of this generation and he represents the young generation here and then you have B.B.King. What can I say about him. He's THE King! :)
Together...they make magic. Here's a song I LOVE. :)
6. John Mayer & B.B.King - Hummingbird

Bonus Songs
I have to say that there are some other brilliant new bands out there as well that have completely blown my mind. I've gotta give you a few of those songs too. I'm picking songs from albums that were HUGE for me growing up.
Oasis - Cast No Shadow (From What's The Story Morning Glory - must do special!)

Pearljam - Release (From Ten...already planned this special)

The Killers - All These Things That I Have Done (From the album Hot Fuss. Brilliant!)

Kid Rock - All Summer Long (This is the only song I could get a good video for but I would have loved to give you Cowboy or Cocky or Only God Knows Why. But this man's voice and attitude. Ass kickin' all the way!)

Kings Of Leon - Manhattan (From the album Only by the Night. This is one of the new bands I'm loving!)

This one's for everyone who's following me on twitter :) For each and every one of you! :) Thank you for supporting The MJ Show...even if you may not really have heard me on radio when I was on it back in the day :)
Hope you guys and girls enjoy this one :)
7. George Michael & Mary J. Blige - As - Pop

This next one's for the country music lovers out there :) I still remember the days when I used to do complete one hour country specials! :)
Remy, Triza, Anwesha, Yatrik, Richard, Punit, Aditi, Jangu, Bana, Firoz, Amy, Jeff, Maureen, Coretta, Dr.Kamath, Gertrude, Glenn, Mehul and all the wonderful people who used to call me back then. Thank you all for supporting me back then and now. 
Also for everyone else on the Musicman Mihir Fan Club on Facebook!
(You know how my memory is right? :) Please don't be upset if I didn't mention your name. It's my stupidity that I have a bad memory. My brain may forget...but my heart has felt your love and it wishes you all well and wants to say thanks) :)
8. Brad Paisley - Ticks - Country

Bonus Songs
I had a really tough time choosing between Brad Paisley, George Strait and Willie Nelson for my country here they are...the other two songs that almost made the cut.
George Strait - The Chair

Willie Nelson & Lee Ann Womack - Mendocino County Line

Another genre that is a huge influence on me is Southern Rock. Just the last show here was a Southern Rock special and I do hope you saw it. Ep #93 - The A-Z of Southern Rock
Here's a guy who featured on that as the singer of a Southern Rock band called Pure Prairie League. He also had a brilliant solo career.
The version you heard on Pirate Radio was on an album called Common Thread: The Songs of the Eagles

If you can lay your hands on get it.
9. Vince Gill - I Can't Tell You Why - Southern/Country Rock
Unfortunately I couldn't get Vince Gill's version on you get the Eagles Version here but I hope you caught Vince Gill's version on Pirate Radio! It's incredible!!

As you know, I've just released my first single. Well maybe you didn't know. So you know now :) You can find it on my page. They're the good folks who've launched the song. The song is called The Mumbai Indians Song...and you can see it here: Mihir Joshi Page
You can download the song from there or you can soon have the song as your callertune or ringtone as well. I'll tell you when that'll begin very soon. :)
So yeah, I want to dedicate this next song to the whole gang at and to the guys who helped me make this song. DJ Roane who's produced the song and for Ankur and Prasad the awesome engineers who've worked on the song :)
I also want to dedicate this to Pratyush and Raj who helped me out with the song before it became what you're hearing now. Thanks guys :)

I hope you all love the song by the way :) Do get the song as a caller tune even if it's for just a little while once it's available :)
Oh yeah...this song also obviously goes out to all the people who've supported and loved the song already. Also want to officially say thanks to Red FM for playing the song in a big way, to Radio One and to Star Majha for having me in the studios and getting me to sing the song live on national television :)
In case you missed that you can see it here:

Yes, I can talk in Marathi! :) I don't understand why it surprises so many people. My name is Mihir Joshi! Joshi as in Maharashtrian :) So yeah. :)

Right then. Back to the song. I love Motown, soul and R&B in a big way too and again I had a LOT of great artists to choose from but I chose the blue-eyed soul singer whose voice I just completely adore. Here's Rod Stewart with a Jackie Wilson classic!
10. Rod Stewart - Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher - Motown/Soul/R&B

Bonus Songs
Here's the original singer of this song.
Jackie Wilson - Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher

Some other Motown/Soul/R&B guys I have to mention are:
Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On

Michael Jackson (The Jackson Five) - Ain't No Sunshine

Bill Withers - Just The Two Of Us

Barry White - Just The Way You Are

Lionel Richie - Easy

I would LOVE to do what Michael Buble does. Sing old jazz standards, love songs and ballads. Really :) I think I'm more of a ballads singer and oldies lover than a rock music lover :) But hey...I can't deny that the love for rock n roll is BIG too :) So yeah...someday maybe, I'll record an album of old songs I love :)
Here's hoping that, that day comes soon :)

This one's for Neha, she's the one who gives me "love love love love...crazy love". :) Thank you for being my "Everything" and supporting me always. This one's for you :)
11. Michael Buble - Crazy Love - Jazz Standards/Redoing Old Songs

Speaking of "Everything" here's...
Michael Buble - Everything

"Walk a mile in my shoes
Just walk a mile in my shoes
Before you abuse, criticize and accuse
Then walk a mile in my shoes"
I love the words in this song. What a song. Totally tells you something I really want to say about my life :) And well I guess what can be said about a lot of people in the media/music business.
It's not easy doing what we do. There's a LOT of crap slung around...hard times...really hard times...and believe's not just about the glitz and glamour. A lot of us are doing what we do...because we really really love doing what we do. 
I know I can't imagine being anywhere else or do anything BUT what I'm doing right now :)

This one's for all my friends in the entertainment world :) And from all of all of you :)
(Lyrically, the song is a lot more than what I've pointed out here...but the chorus...well it's perfect for what I'm saying.)
12. Elvis - Walk A Mile In My Shoes - Rock & Roll - My biggest idol

Bonus Songs.
Two more Elvis songs. I had to give you these. These is two of my absolute favourite songs to sing when I'm on stage.
Elvis - Burning Love

Elvis - Trouble

My other gurus:
Dean Martin - The Man Who Plays The Mandolino

Bing Crosby - True Love

Nat King Cole - Too Young

Cliff Richard - When The Girl In Your Arms

Ray Charles - Georgia On My Mind

Frank Sinatra - Someone To Watch Over Me

And finally I want to dedicate this last song to the man who got me started on my musical journey. Mr.Roger Whittaker.
Dear Mr.Whittaker...know that I will for ever and ever be indebted to you...for getting me started in music and for being my best friend in my teenage years. God knows what I woulda turned into if not for you :)
Thank you. :)
You will always be #1 with me.
13. Roger Whittaker - The Last Farewell - My beginning - The reason I got into music - the first person I heard!

A last thanks :) (God! You must be thinking that I won an Oscar or a Grammy or something...but really now, how often does one get to do something like this eh? Since I've got this opportunity today, I want to do it.)
A big big thanks to my mom, dad and sister for believing in me and letting me do what I do.
Without their support, I would probably be nowhere...or well...atleast not this happy :)

Right is now time for me to say...take care...and Good Night! :)
This is your Musicman Mihir...signing off!

(For the new viewers of the site: If you're wondering why I end all my shows this way, it's because this is how I used to end them when I was on radio in my late night shows. I've just held on to the end in a nostalgic sort of a way.) :)

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