Thursday, May 06, 2010

The MJ Show #88 (Richard Marx - Hits & Ballads)

Richard Marx was one of the artists I really loved as a teenager. I think he's got a great voice and has some great songs!
There's a new album out in India right now. It has all of his BIG hits and a bonus cd with acoustic versions of some of his big hits and a couple of videos as well.
If you're a Richard Marx fan...or's a great pick up. If you're not a fan, try it out. You might find yourself really liking these songs. Listen to the big hits right here on The MJ Show first and then go pick up the album! :)

I'm going to take you through the songs on the album and through some others that aren't on the CD as well. Basically taking you through the best songs of his career from all his studio albums. (He's released 9 studio albums so far.)
Here we go:

Richard Marx - Don't Mean Nothing - Richard Marx (1987)

Richard Marx - Should've Known Better - Richard Marx (1987)

Richard Marx - Endless Summer Nights - Richard Marx (1987)

Richard Marx - Hold On To The Nights - Richard Marx (1987)

Richard Marx - Satisfied - Repeat Offender (1989)

Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting - Repeat Offender (1989)

Richard Marx - Angelia - Repeat Offender (1989)

Richard Marx - Children Of The Night - Repeat Offender (1989)

Richard Marx - Keep Coming Back - Rush Street (1992)

Richard Marx - Hazard - Rush Street (1992)

Richard Marx - Take This Heart - Rush Street (1992)

Richard Marx - Chains Around My Heart - Rush Street (1992)

Richard Marx - Now And Forever - Paid Vacation (1994)

Richard Marx - The Way She Loves Me - Paid Vacation (1994)

Richard Marx - Until I Find You Again - Flesh And Bone (1997)

Richard Marx with Donna Lewis - At The Beginning - Anastasia (soundtrack) (1998)

Richard Marx - Days In Avalon - Days In Avalon (2000)

Richard Marx - Ready to Fly - My Own Best Enemy (2005)

Richard Marx - Should've Known Better - Emotional Remains (2008)

Richard Marx - Loved - Sundown (2008)

Richard Marx - And I Love Her - Sundown (2008)

Richard Marx - Ordinary Love - Sundown (2008)

Bonus Songs
Kenny G & Richard Marx - Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

Richard Marx & Lara Fabian - Surrender to me

That's about it for now.

Right is now time for me to say...take care...and Good Night! :)
This is your Musicman Mihir...signing off!

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