Monday, May 03, 2010

The MJ Show #86 (Akon - Oh Africa - Fifa 2010 Song)

Just a little while ago a regular of The MJ Show, and a winner of one our contests here (@bonda0123) just tweeted a song and I loved it so much that I knew I had to make an entire show around it.
I've always like ads with footballers in it...and these ads are stunning and so is the song that Akon has made.
Have a look -

Messi Ad

Penalty Shoot Out

Kaka Vs Drogba

Those were the smaller ads. Here's how the entire song was used in an ad. This is what I first saw. All the others were just things I found while looking out for more on the song.
This here though, is something special. LOVED it and I hope you do too.

Pepsi - World Cup 2010 - Oh Africa

Behind The Scenes

Here's a bit about the making of the song and of the official video for the song.
The song features Akon, Keri Wilson, The Soweto Gospel Choir and young singers from many other countries.

Exclusive Making Of 'Oh Africa' song

Oh Africa Making of the MUSIC VIDEO

And here it is...the official video for the song. The song features Thierry Henry, Didier Drogba, Kaká, Fernando Torres, Lionel Messi, Frank Lampard, Michael Ballack and Andrei Arshavin!!! How cool is that! Check it out!! :)

The Song - Akon - Oh Africa

That's about it for tonight. Hope you enjoyed that!

Right is now time for me to say...take care...and Good Night! :)
This is your Musicman Mihir...signing off!

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