Monday, June 25, 2012

The MJ Show #140 - Michael Jackson - Rare Duets

Michael Jackson passed away 3 years ago today and I know that like me, millions of his fans are missing him tons even today.
I thought that today I'd show you another aspect of the awesomeness of Michael. He has over the years collaborated with some of the biggest names in the music world. I thought I'd find some of the rarer/relatively rarer songs for you today as a special way to remember him today.
(If you're a mega-fan and know every song the word "rarer" was not for you...but I'm making a general assumption that not too many people may have seen some of the videos I've got here tonight.) :)
Hope you enjoy these. Spent quite a lot of time looking these up for you.

Michael Jackson, Anastacia, Celine Dion and Shakira - What More Can I Give

Michael Jackson and  Celine Dion - If You Only Believe

Michael Jackson and Britney Spears - The Way You Make Me Feel

Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney - Say Say Say

Michael Jackson and Paul Mccartney - The Man

Those are the rarer songs but my favourite duet my PM and MJ is from Thriller. Here it is:
Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney - The Girl Is Mine

Michael Jackson and Boyz II Men - Heal The World/ We Are The World

Michael Jackson and Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me

Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy - Whatzupwitu  

Michael Jackson and Lenny Kravitz - Another Day

Michael Jackson And Barry Gibb - All In Your Name

Michael Jackson and Mick Jagger - State of Shock

Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury - There Must Be More to Life Than This

And though the next song I have for you is not a rare song, it is one of the greatest songs in my opinion that Michael was an integral part of. And just look at the people in the video. It's pretty much the biggest names in music at that time all together...on one song...brought together by Michael and Lionel Richie.

And before I wrap things up, I have to add one more song. This is a tribute from one MJ to the original MJ. (I love that my initials are the same as his. Always have...since I was a kid.)
Hope you like it!

We miss you Michael Jackson. Thank you for the music!

Right is now time for me to say good night and take care! :)
This is your Musicman...Mihir Joshi...signing off!

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