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The MJ Show #139 - Let It Be & The Rooftop Concert

Tonight's show is pretty straightforward. A little while ago I was humming "The Long And Winding Road", one of my favourite songs by The Beatles...and so I looked up the Let It Be album.
Was going through the songs and I thought, I must share the entire album with you here on the show.
The greatest thing about The Beatles is that you can sit and listen to complete albums...every time!
So...finish off your work...have dinner...get done with everything else...and sit back...and listen to the complete album right here!

The Beatles - Let It Be (Complete Album)
In this video the following songs come up at the following times:

Title Singer
Two of us 0:00
Dig a Pony 3:45
Across the Universe 7:31
I Me Mine 11:19
Dig It 13:50
Let it Be 14:33
Maggie Mae 18:39
I've Got a Feeling 19:19
One After 909 22:55
The Long and Winding Road 25:50
For You Blue 29:30
Get Back 32:00

And if you felt that wasn't enough. You want a bit more...well I've got a bit more.

The Beatles, with Billy Preston, gave their final live performance atop the Apple building at 3 Savile Row, London, in what became the climax of their Let It Be film.
30 January 1969 in London was a cold day, and a bitter wind was blowing on the rooftop by midday. To cope with the weather, John Lennon borrowed Yoko Ono's fur coat, and Ringo Starr wore his wife Maureen Starkey's red mac.

The 42-minute show was recorded onto two eight-track machines in the basement of Apple, by George Martin, engineer Glyn Johns and tape operator Alan Parsons. The tracks were filled with the following: Paul McCartney, vocals; John Lennon's and George Harrison's vocals; Billy Preston's organ; McCartney's bass guitar; a sync track for the film crew; Starr's drums; Lennon's guitar; Harrison's guitar.

The songs performed on the roof:
Get Back (five versions)
I Want You (She's So Heavy)
Don't Let Me Down (two versions)
I've Got A Feeling
One After 909
Danny Boy
Dig A Pony (two versions)
God Save The Queen
A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody

Brief, incomplete and off-the-cuff versions of I Want You (She's So Heavy), God Save The Queen and A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody were fooled around with in between takes - as was Danny Boy, which was included in the film and on the album. None of these were serious group efforts, and one - the group and Preston performing God Save The Queen - was incomplete as it coincided with Alan Parsons changing tapes.

The Beatles' rooftop show began at around midday. The timing coincided with the lunch hour of many nearby workplaces, which led to crowds quickly forming. Although few people could see them, crowds gathered in the streets below to hear The Beatles play.

Traffic in Savile Row and neighbouring streets came to a halt, until police from the nearby West End Central police station, further up Savile Row, entered Apple and ordered the group to stop playing.


The Beatles Rooftop Concert
In this video the following songs come up at the following times:

Get Back - 01:03
Don't let Me Down - 04:18
I've Got a Feeling - 07:53
One After 909 - 11:35
Dig a Pony - 14:38
Get Back 18:30

Now that's what I call a show!
The next episode, Ep #140 will be dedicated to Michael Jackson and I'll put it up on 25th June, his 3rd death anniversary.
If you have any requests, ideas or thoughts for the show...let me know on:
I've had about 4 other shows on Michael in the past. Go through the archived shows if you want to see them :)

Right is now time for me to say good night and take care! :)
This is your Musicman...Mihir Joshi...signing off!

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