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The MJ Show #56 (Eric Clapton - The Solo Years)

So we had the awesome early days of Slow-hand last time around. This time, we've got the solo years coming up!
Are you ready?! :)

1970 - Eric Clapton
1st Song - Eric Clapton - After Midnight

2nd Song - Eric Clapton - Blues Power

3rd Song - Eric Clapton - Let It Rain

1974 - 461 Ocean Boulevard
4th Song - Eric Clapton - Let It Grow

5th Song - Eric Clapton - Motherless Children

6th Song - Eric Clapton - Willie And The Hand Jive

7th Song - Eric Clapton - I Shot The Sheriff

8th Song - Eric Clapton - Steady Rollin' Man
One of the first Robert Johnson songs in his solo career.

1975 - There's One in Every Crowd
9th Song - Eric Clapton - The Sky Is Crying

10th Song - Eric Clapton - Better Make It Through Today

11th Song - Eric Clapton - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
"Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" is a Negro spiritual. The first recording was by the Fisk Jubilee Singers in 1909. In 2002, the US Library of Congress honored the song as one of 50 recordings chosen that year to be added to the National Recording Registry. It was also included in the list of Songs of the Century, by the Recording Industry Association of America and the National Endowment for the Arts.

1976 - No Reason to Cry
12th Song - Eric Clapton - Sign Language
The album had a duet with Bob Dylan on Bob's otherwise unreleased song "Sign Language".

13th Song - Eric Clapton - Hello Old Friend

1977 - Slowhand
14th Song - Eric Clapton - Cocaine
I had to give you this version. It's got Mark Knopfler playing along! Enjoy!!

15th Song - Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight
This is a STUNNING version of this classic. Again with the help of a friend...the incredible Mark Knopfler!

16th Song - Eric Clapton - Lay Down Sally
Are you complaining that I have Knopfler playing along on a few songs? No? Good. Because, here's another!

1978 - Backless
17th Song - Eric Clapton - Promises

18th Song - Watch Out For Lucy

19th Song - Tulsa Time
This time he's got some other friends jamming along. Check out Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck with Clapton! Holy Momma! What a jam!! :)

20th Song - Eric Clapton - Walk Out In The Rain
Another one of Bob Dylan's songs that Clapton covered.

21st Song - Eric Clapton - I'll Make Love To You Anytime
This is a J.J.Cale song that Clapton takes on.

1981 - Another Ticket
22nd Song - Eric Clapton - Blow Wind Blow
This was a Muddy Waters song!

23rd Song - Eric Clapton - Another Ticket

24th Song - Eric Clapton - Catch Me If You Can

Bonus Song from the era - Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck - Futher On Up The Road

1983 - Money And Cigarettes
25th Song - Eric Clapton - I've Got A Rock 'N' Roll Heart

1985 Behind The Sun
26th Song - Eric Clapton - Forever Man

27th Song - Eric Clapton - She's Waiting

1986 - August
28th Song - Eric Clapton - It's in the Way That You Use It

29th Song - Eric Clapton - Tearing Us Apart
Phil Collins sits on the drums in the next few videos :)

30th Song - Eric Clapton - Miss You

31st Song - Eric Clapton - Run

1989 - Journeyman
32nd Song - Eric Clapton - Pretending

33rd Song - Eric Clapton - Bad Love

34th Song - Eric Clapton - Before You Accuse Me

35th Song - Eric Clapton - No Alibis

36th Song - Eric Clapton - Hard Times
An old Ray Charles song gets the Clapton treatment!

37th Song - Eric Clapton - Old Love
This is possibly my #1 Eric Clapton song!! If you've not heard it before...please do so now!
It was written by Clapton and Robert Cray!

Bonus Song - Robert Cray & Eric Clapton - Old Love

Bonus Song from the era - Eric Clapton and Phil Collins - Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Here's their take on the Bob Dylan classic!

1994 - From the Cradle
This was an album of blues classics. Brilliant album!

38th Song - Eric Clapton - I'm Tore Down

39th Song - Eric Clapton - Hoochie Coochie Man
Here's Clapton doing this classic with the great...the incredible Buddy Guy!!

40th Song - Eric Clapton - How Long Blues

41st Song - Eric Clapton - Motherless Child

1998 - Pilgrim
42nd Song - Eric Clapton - My Father's Eyes

43rd Song - Eric Clapton - River of Tears
My #2 song by Clapton right after Old Love. Brilliant song this.

44th Song - Eric Clapton - She's Gone

45th Song - Eric Clapton - Pilgrim
The song "Pilgrim" also appeared on the Lethal Weapon 4 soundtrack.

46th Song - Eric Clapton - Circus
He had already written two songs when his son, Conor, died in March 1991. The songs ended up being "My Father's Eyes" and "Circus", originally named "Circus Left Town". "Circus" was about the last time he saw his son, when he took him to the circus. Conor died the next day.

Bonus Track - Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven

2000 - Riding with the King (with B.B.King)
47th Song - Eric Clapton and B.B.Kin - Riding With the King

48th Song - Eric Clapton - Key To The Highway
Here's Clapton doing the song with another blues legend - Buddy Guy!

49th Song -Eric Clapton & B.B. King - Three O'Clock Blues

50th Song - Eric Clapton & B.B. King - Hold On I'm coming

2001 - Reptile
51st Song - Eric Clapton - Got You On My Mind

52nd Song - Eric Clapton - Travellin' Light
Another J.J.Cale song!

2004 - Me and Mr. Johnson
The album is a tribute to the legendary Robert Johnson. According to Clapton's autobiography, the recordings weren't intended to become an album. The band had rented the studio, but Clapton didn't have any songs written, so he suggested they record Robert Johnson songs. They recorded enough songs for an album and it was decided to release them as such.

53rd Song - Eric Clapton - They're Red Hot
This was a Robert Johnson track that was even covered by the Red Hot Chili Peppers...but I LOVE this version!

54th Song - Eric Clapton - Love In Vain

Bonus Track - Clapton talks about Robert Johnson
You'll see just why Clapton thinks that Robert Johnson was THE MAN!

2005 - Back Home
55th Song - Eric Clapton - Love Comes To Everyone

56th Song - Eric Clapton - Back Home

2006  - The Road to Escondido (with JJ Cale)
A number of high profile musicians also agreed to work on the album, including Billy Preston, Derek Trucks, Taj Mahal, Pino Palladino, John Mayer, Steve Jordan and Doyle Bramhall II. In a coup, whether intended or not, the entire John Mayer Trio participated on this album in one capacity or another.

57th Song - Eric Clapton & J.J. Cale - Hard To Thrill
This was a song that was co-written by John Mayer and Clapton

58th Song - Eric Clapton & J.J. Cale - Danger

59th Song - Eric Clapton & J.J. Cale - It's Easy

And that brings to an end my special on the man's solo career...but there were SO MANY more great songs. Hell here's one more!
This one's just a big old fashioned jam on which he plays with some people you may have heard of :)
60th Song - All Star Jam on Beatles Songs!


How about that!!
Happy Birthday Eric Clapton!
Thank you for the music! Your music will live for years and years!
Rock n Roll! \m/

Holy shit! That's like 100 songs I've put up for you guys in one day! Hope you loved em all!! :)

Right then...It's now time for me to say...take care...and good night! :)
This is your Musicman Mihir...signing off!

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