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The MJ Show #45 (Fans Series - Abhijit Barve's Top 10 Songs)

When I started off the "Guests Series" on The MJ Show, I told you that I'd have musicians, celebrities and music industry people giving you their top 10 songs.
I also told you that I'd let YOU...the fans and followers of the show have your own playlists with your top 10 lists. You can mail me your lists to and the best lists will get featured here in the new "Fans Series" that I'm kicking off today!

The first person in this series is going to be Abhijeet Barve.
He is doing BSC right now and claims that he's also trying and failing at learning the guitar. He loves the blues, oldies and rock and roll.
Say's that he pretty much can't tolerate most music/bands post 1980s with the exception of some artists like John Mayer, Derek Trucks and some of the stuff done by Coldplay and Kings Of Leon.
He's full of contradictions and his songlist actually has Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin followed by Ina ina Dika by Kishore Kumar.
Hmmm...that's a bit about our first guest in the "Fan's Series". Let's have a look at what he's got for you.

Abhijeet Barve: This is a strictly non-romance songs list since romance in any form
seems to give me gas ;)
Gonna start my list with 3 songs by the greatest frigging musicians I have ever had the pleasure of listening to...
1st Song - The Beatles - I Am The Walrus #TheMJshow
AB: Somehow everyone looks at me funny when I say these are possibly the best lyrics ever written and also when I sing (croak) along to it at the top of my voice.

MJ: Here's a bonus track from a band I love and a band that pretty much worshipped The Beatles.
Bonus Track - Oasis - I Am The Walrus #TheMJshow

MJ: Oh and I had to give you this version as well guys. Bono's version from the soundtrack of "Across The Universe". What a brilliant soundtrack this was!
Bonus Track - Bono - I Am The Walrus #TheMJshow

2nd Song - The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun #TheMJshow
AB: For a really dark and pessimistic and fatalistic person like me, this is one of the most hopeful songs out there. This has some really wicked acoustic guitaring on it.

MJ: This is incidentally one of my favourite songs by The Beatles as well. Here's a bonus track I thought you may enjoy.
This is Sheryl Crow singing the song at the end of The Bee Movie. I think I loved the movie more because of this ending. :) At the time that I heard the song...the song was very apt and I think it's always stayed with me. This version that is.
Bonus Track - Sheryl Crow - Here Comes The Sun #TheMJshow

3rd Song - The Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps #TheMJshow
AB: Clapton is God, Nuff said...

MJ: In case you were wondering why Abhijeet said "Clapton is God" for a Beatles's because George Harrison had invited Clapton to come and play guitar on this song while The Beatles were recording The White Album.
Harrison explained in The Beatles Anthology that Clapton's presence temporarily alleviated the studio tension that was there while The White Album was being recorded and all band members were on their best behaviour during his time with the band in the studio.
Harrison, who had invited Clapton to the sessions, soon reciprocated by collaborating with Clapton on the song "Badge" for Cream's last album Goodbye.
Thought I'd let you hear that one as well. So here's my first bonus track here.
Bonus Track - Cream - Badge #TheMJshow

MJ: Like I said, I have two bonus tracks here. The first was Badge by Cream and coming up is what in my opinion, is the one of the greatest covers ever played. Won't tell you a thing about it except this...PLEASE DO NOT MISS SEEING THIS VIDEO! :)
Bonus Track - Jeff Healey Band - While My Guitar Gently Weeps #TheMJshow

4th Song - The Rolling Stones - Brown Sugar #TheMJshow
AB: Don't think there is a more politically incorrect line than:
"I bet your mama was a tent show queen
And all her boyfriends were sweet sixteen "
And plus I love the whole awesome vibe of the song!
MJ: I love this one too. My band, The Works did a tribute to The Stones a year or so ago at Blue Frog for Rolling Stone Magazine. It was SO MUCH fun! Still do a lot of their songs in our set.
This and Jumping Jack Flash are two of my favourites.

MJ: Look at them! Good God! I think Mich and Keith grow younger in their heads while their bodies turn older. Here's another version of the same song from their massive sold out "Bigger Bang" tour.
Bonus Track - The Rolling Stones - Brown Sugar #TheMJshow

5th Song - AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long #TheMJshow
AB: okay, this is as politically incorrect as the above song. However both the songs keep the same damn wink in the eye, joking vibe going...not like the kind of perverse vibes you get from some contemporary songs that deal with similar ideas. (Read as hip hop music) :)
MJ: Okay, I won't put down hip-hop as a genre but I get what you're talking about. I totally agree. You can make songs about sex and love making and keep them so much fun and naughty without getting gross. Totally love this song and the album it was on!
The best way to watch AC/DC is to see them live.'s a live version of the song for you!

MJ: And just for kicks...see this! Oh can she sing! Hell yeah!! :D \m/
Bonus Track - Celine Dion and Anastacia - You Shook Me All Night Long #TheMJshow

6th Song - Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here #TheMJshow
AB: This was the first song I could play on the guitar.. :D
The lyrics are so simple yet so brilliant! Love this one!
MJ: I think this is one of those songs that all guitarists try to pick up. They feel great that they can play parts of it...but's NOT an easy song to play. Love it nevertheless...and it was also one of the first songs I tried to pick up on a guitar so I know exactly where you're coming from :)
Here's a version of the song that they did when they had the legendary reunion at the Live 8 concert.

John Rzeznik of the GooGoo Dolls and Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit did the song in a 9/11 Tribute concert. I thought this was brilliant. Here you go...have a look. Love the changed lyrics and the string quartet!
(Another DO NOT MISS THIS song. So yeah...DO NOT MISS THIS VIDEO!)
Bonus Track - John Rzeznik and Fred Durst - Wish You Were Here #TheMJshow

7th Song - Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water #TheMJshow
AB: I totally agree with Ehsaan Noorani on this song. (See: Ehsaan Noorani's Guest Series Post to see what he's talking about.)
This is the song which makes anyone feel like a guitar god :D
MJ: Here's a massive live version of the song! :)Enjoy! Check out what they start the song with :) I remember watching Steve Morse do something like this when I saw DP live in Bangalore. FULL FUN! BRILLIANT!! HOLY MOLEY EVEN! :D
Another DO NOT MISS THIS song! :)

8th Song - Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode
AB: The greatest guitar solo ever's the second greatest..
MJ: Here's a really old live version of the song! Killer! Watch the man move!! Incidentally, this version is from a documentary called "History of Rock And Roll". Hence the bits with some big names coming in talking about the song in between the song.

And here's the man doing it with no breaks :) But a LOT more solos and moves :) Holy shit!! See him move!!

9th Song - Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven #TheMJshow
AB: THIS is the greatest guitar solo ever recorded... got like 4-5 different versions and can hum along to the all the solos.. (versions being the studio version, the plain idiotic BBC recording, How The West Was Won, 2 Earl's Court bootlegs, Knebworth 79 and Madison Square Garden 73)
MJ: Hmm. Check this out!

And this!
Bonus Track - Dolly Parton - Stairway To Heaven #TheMJshow

Waddup!! :) How cool was that eh?
Even Plant spoke highly of Parton's version, noting that he was pleasantly surprised with how her version turned out.

10th Song - John Lennon - Imagine #TheMJshow
AB: Anone who does NOT like this song is plain I just got the hang of all the chords in this song so I'm loving it even more.
MJ: Great song to end the playlist with. Here we go! Another live version for you tonight! :)

I have to give you a bonus track. I think this was one of the most brilliant covers of this song! Check it out...
Bonus Track - David Archuletta - Imagine #TheMJshow

Brilliant stuff Abhijeet! :) Thank you for sharing your favourite songs here :)

Hope you all enjoyed his playlist and my bonus tracks tonight :) And if you want YOUR playlist here...make sure you mail me your top 10 songs and why you like em to

That's all I got for you tonight.
I start a new year in a few hours from now. Thank you all for making this last one so special with all your love and support :)

Right then ;) It's time for me to say...take care...and good night. :)
This is your Musicman Mihir...signing off!

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