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The MJ Show #37 (Guests Series - Miss Malini's Top 10 Songs)

The guest series continues tonight with a person who is no stranger to being on a radio show. In fact, she has been on radio for a really really long time and is currently hosting the brilliant "Pirate Radio" show on Radio One. This is apart from a host of other things that she also does! She's a really nice person and you can't help but smile when you hear her talk on air or have the pleasure of hanging out with her.
I have had the pleasure when I spent a few months hosting a show right after her's on Radio One. That's right, I'm talking about one of the most active and fun people on the internet, the awesome...Malini Agarwal...or as you better know her...Miss Malini!

Oh yeah, she was also the first person to pick the winners for a contest on The MJ Show here. The winners of the Kings Of Leon cds...were picked by her! So @bonda0123, @MMMMeenal and @BIRAJADEO, the three winners of that contest...you know who to thank right?
Miss Malini for picking your number, Sony Music India for giving the cds for that contest, the Kings Of Leon for that brilliant album...and #TheMJshow :)

So...I told her...I would love to have your top 10 songs in the Guest Series and she said that after shortlisting a WHOLE lotta songs, she couldn't cut the list any shorter. So here it is...her top ten plus four bonus songs! :)
Technically her top 14 :) but I just want to put it that way :) Chalega na?
Okay...so here we go!

1st Song - Three Doors Down - Here Without You #TheMJshow
Malini Agarwal: I rediscovered this song thanks to a Twitter request on my radio show. Its got such heart-wrenching loneliness in its vocals and even though I cannot sing I can't help but sing out loud to the chorus "I'm here without you baby, but you're still on my lonely mind, I think about you baby, and I dream about you all the time..." This may have something to do with being in a 2 year long-distance relationship! (But fear not I'm now on the home stretch!)
Mihir Joshi: And it's going to an awesome time for you I'm sure. Great song choice as well to kick things off. :) Here it is...just for you and the lucky man in your life.
God damn! You waited two years for him eh!! What more could a guy want!

2nd song - Lilly Allen - The Fear #TheMJshow
MA: I'm very impressed with Lilly Allen's sense of humor and exquisite irony. This song is about so much of the life I see in my line of work, plastic people in the Emerald city trying so hard to be perfect all the time... it must be so exhausting! But lets admit it, its also fun and everybody wants to be famous, even me.
MJ: :) Amen to that sister! :)
Okay, here's a lovely live version of the song for you.

3rd Song - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Zephyr Song #TheMJshow
MA: This is my freedom song and of course everyone knows The Red Hot Chili Peppers absolutely rock. I love how the lyrics tumble off your tongue and I like to hear this song with the windows down and a cool breeze blowing sunshine on my face!
MJ: RHCP ROCK! :) Very nice picture painted here for your fans btw. I'm sure they can almost see you in that car. :)
Another live version for you all tonight. Here we go!

4th Song - Go West - King of Wishful Thinking #TheMJshow
MA: Apart from the Pretty Woman connection (one of those movies you can watch over and over again) something about this song has always kept it fresh for me. I love the raspy vocals and the bitter-sweetness of heartbreak which sucks but also makes you feel the most alive! (Yup I'm a mush-pot, are you really that surprised?!)
MJ: Nope. Not surprised at all...and I think it's fab! I'm pretty mushy too :) 'Tis all good! :)
Okay, what I got for you is a remix of the song. Like?

5th Song - The Fray - How To Save A Life #TheMJshow
MA: This song is for everyone who's ever felt utterly hopeless and I think I read a story about a guy who was on his way to kill himself over just that feeling when he heard this song on the radio and changed his mind. Still gives me chills, thank you for the music - music keeps us alive (sometimes quite literally.)
MJ: Wow! That's quite a story. Thank God for the music...and thank God for radio!!
What a story!!
Hmmmm...one of the reasons I always remember the song is how beautifully it was used in all the Grey's Anatomy promos. So here it is...a video that kinda shows you what I'm talking about.

6th Song - Cake - Love You Madly #TheMJshow
MA: I've discovered a lot of fabulous music thanks to my guests on Pirate Radio, this is one of those songs that appeared on Steve, Juhi & Sean's playlist (I think Juhi is in madly in love with this song) and now so am I :)
MJ: I'm discovering a LOT of fabulous music thanks to my guests right here! :) This song for instance is one of them :) Listening to it right now with you. Really interesting!

7th Song - Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved #TheMjshow
MA: I got into Maroon 5 when I was going through some pretty heavy-duty relationship angst. I loved every song on the album Songs About Jane but this one in particular. Its nice to know that there is someone out there who wouldn't mind spending everyday outside your corner in the pouring rain :)
MJ: :) 'Nuff said! :)

8th Song - Lighthouse Family - High #TheMJshow
MA: I've always loved this song especially the opening lyrics, this and the one by Five for Fighting - Superman (it's not easy) have the same vibe and this one in particular has so much hope. (I also love it even more since Imran Khan told me his girlfriend (now fiancee) Avantika and her friends blast it in his car on a regular basis!)
MJ: :) Okay then...this one goes out for Imran and Avatika from you? :)
Btw, Imran...MASSIVE congratulations on the engagement man. This one's for the two of you from me too :)

Bonus Song - Five For Fighting - Superman #TheMJshow
MJ: Why? Just because she mentioned it...and because I LOVE it too! :)
And I LOVE the video I've found for the song. Check it out!

MJ: Incidentally, for those of you who may not know...the tag "Musicman" I chose for myself when I started radio about 6 years ago was something that I chose as a tribute to two things I love - Music and Superman :) Hence - MusicMan :)
If you're curious about why I love Superman so much read this: Superman
This was a blogpost on this very site that I wrote many many months ago :)
Right then, back to the show...and to Malini's songs :)

9th Song - Beyonce - Irreplaceable #TheMJshow
MA: Good riddance to anyone who doesn't know your worth. To the left baby to the left!
MJ: Beyonce makes it on The MJ Show...and she has you to thank for :D HAHAHA :D
I don't know what it is. Maybe it's a guy - gal thing...but I never got into Beyonce. Full power to her though. And as I'm listening to this song, I'm realizing that maybe it's just a mental thing. Really nice song. But yes, this is the FIRST Beyonce song here :) and it's all thanks to you!

10th Song - George Michael - Heal The Pain #TheMJshow
MA: This is how I like to remember George Michael, when he was a regular guy - the sweet uncomplicated kind. I always listen to this when I feel blue it makes me feel better :)
MJ: I agree with you. Old school George Michael was awesome! I think he had/has one of the greatest voices in rock n roll music. Incredible stuff...and great song Malini.

Bonus Song - Queen + George Michael - Somebody To Love #TheMJshow
MJ: This song shows you just why I think George Michael has one of the greatest voices in rock n roll history.
To take on a Queen song like this one and to do it so brilliantly...you can't be just good or ok...you've GOT TO be BRILLIANT! And that's what I think George was!

MJ: This concert reminds me...I've GOT to give you this concert as a special show guys and girls. MIND BLOWING stuff in this one! :)

11th Song - Bree Sharp - David Duchovny #TheMJshow
MA: Another gem I discovered on pirate radio courtesy Imran Khan! Absolutely hilarious and actually a fairly accurate description of what having a mad crush can do to you! (Especially when he's famous and used to the screaming fans and you want to be his someone special... do I speak from experience? Does it show?!)
MJ: :) Hahaha :)

12th Song - Simply Red - Stars #TheMJshow
MA: Simply my favorite Simply Red song. Its awesome.
MJ: Beautiful song indeed. Let's listen to it now. :)

13th Song - Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes #TheMJshow
MA: I'd heard this song before but never made the connection to the movie "Say Anything". I also totally love John Cusack so that helps! Its a song about incredible love, so incredible song.
MJ: Stunning song! Thanks for this one Malini. Hadn't heard it before. We're just proving what you said a while ago. Listening to new songs thanks to guest = #Epicwin ;)
(How long can you be safe from twitterspeak? It will get you! Eventually you WILL be converted!)

14th Song - General Elektriks - Raid the Radio #TheMJshow
MA: This is my current favorite song. Every once in a while I find a new song I get obsessed with (most recently, Impossible by Daniel Merriweather and We Are Golden by Mika) this is the latest in that series. Someone posted the video on my Facebook fanpage and the video is awesome too! I like to think this is what we do with Pirate Radio!
MJ: Full fun! Awesome song Malini. Totally digging it! :)

And because Malini likes em...here are two bonus songs pour toi! :)
Bonus Song - Daniel Merriweather - Impossible #TheMJshow

MJ: I love this next song. Brilliant song by Mika. :) What a video eh!?
For trivia fans...The video for this song was directed by Jonas Ã…kerlund
He first found fame as main video director for Swedish pop act Roxette. In 1998 he worked with Madonna for the song "Ray of Light", he has since worked with superstars such as Metallica, Christina Aguilera, U2, Satyricon, Blink-182 and Pink.
He has become a long collaborator of Madonna having worked on such music videos as "American Life", which was pulled due to its graphic content and the Iraq war, and "Jump".

Bonus Song - Mika - We Are Golden #TheMJshow

And that's about it for tonight!
Thank you so much Malini for these awesome songs :)
Hope you guys liked the songs. Do let Malini and me know what you felt right here in the comments and on twitter.
I'm sure you follow Malini on twitter but if you don't she can be found here: MissMalini
And you can find and follow me on twitter here: MusicmanMihir
Hey Malini, did you notice how both of our initials on twitter can be abbreviated to MM :)
Oh also, if you've not seen it yet (I don't think that's possible) check out Malini's site here: www.missmalini.com

Right then, 'tis time to say...take care...and good night! :)
This is your Musicman Mihir...signing off!

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