Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Zee Studio Guitar Auction!!

Let me say this right away. I think this is a really cool thing that Zee Studio is doing.
What is this...let me tell you.
Zee Studio has got themselves a BEAUTIFUL Takamine Guitar, one of the best acoustic guitars in the world, which they are getting signed by some really big Bollywood names and they are auctioning it on their website www.zeedio.tv. The proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Central Society For The Education Of The Deaf.
This endeavour was started off to promote two very cool, almost cult type, musicals that are being shown on Zee Studio this month - High School Musical and High School Musical 2.

The guitar has been signed by Farhan Akhtar, Luke Kenny, Vishal - Shekhar and Shakar-Ehsaan-Loy.
I have the pleasure and previlege of taking this cool guitar with me to the various Studio Karaoke Nights that I'm going to in this month.

I got the guitar signed by Shakar, Ehsaan and Loy just today.
Here are some pictures from my meeting with the brilliant trio!

And here is the guitar itself:

Check back here or on zeedio.tv/events/musicman.aspx to find out where you can see the guitar with me next week!

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