Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Karaoke @ Soul Fry - Zee Studio Musicman Night #1 (5th Jan)

What fun!!! :)
That's the most accurate description of Day 1...or should I say Night #1 of my association with Zee Studio. (If you've not read about this first check out: http://www.zeedio.tv/events/musicman.aspx )

I got to Soul Fry around 10pm and it was already quite packed. Surprisingly this was the first time ever that I'd been to the place...and now I'm beginning to wonder why that is so! The place is absolutely brilliant. Great venue, good food (so I've been told), affordable liquor (so I've been told again ) and most importantly an INCREDIBLE crowd.

From the very first song I knew that there were going to be a LOT of singers and quite a few really good singers. There's that look in some people eyes and the way they calmly sit waiting to go on for a song that just tells you that they're going to nail the song. And for sure last night some people were brilliant!

I gave out quite a few prizes sponsored by the good folks at Zee Studio and I can tell you that they were thoroughly deserved by the winners.

The whole endeavour of this activity initiated by Zee Studio is...to reach out to you...if you're a movie lover, music lover or someone who loves the good things in life Zee Studio wants to help make your night times a LOT more fun.

I will be doing these nights about 10 times in a month...so I'm sure I'll see you around soon.
And everytime we meet come back and check the blog because you'll see write ups and photos from the parties right here! :)

Here are some photos from last night:

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Finally one of the coolest moments for me in the night was when I got to jam with my friend Mohan, singer for the awesome hindi band Agnee! We did sang together on "Stand By Me" by Ben E King. It was a lot of fun and very special to see one of my favourite songs getting a very interesting treatment. Mohan did aalaaps while I was doing rock/blues style improvisations. It was something else...and I would love to jam with him sometime soon again :)

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