Monday, January 22, 2007


Oh my god!!!
I so LOVE to dance. I just rediscovered the joy of dancing thanks to a new friend...and I am immensely grateful to her for that. I can't believe how much I loved much I love it and how much I am going to love it in the future!

I love music...I mean I can't live without it. Dancing to me is an extension of music. If you love to sing...or if you love music...dancing is the next logical step. I've not really learnt any me its just what the music makes my body do. Fortunately for me, my body moves well enough for it to qualify as dancing in others eyes too. Heh.

Dancing...I love salsa, latin dancing, ballroom dancing and I'll admit that though I pretty much hate hip hop songs lyrically, they are fun to dance to as well.
I'd love to learn to do the salsa, the tango, the waltz, the fox trot, the quickstep, the cha cha and all the other lovely dances out there. I don't think there's anything more graceful or sexier than a good dancer. I mean...dancing when both the man and the woman know what they are doing is a sight to behold. The way two bodies melt into one, the way they flow and move is just wonderful.

I'm making a resolution of sorts right now! Before this year ends, I am going to be able to actually do a lot of the dances I have mentioned above.

So...anyone looking to go out dancing?! I am!!!

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