Friday, January 19, 2007

Pizza...Stuff You Get When God Is In A Good Mood!!!

The topic says it all doesn't it? I is almost like soul food. For the discerning reader, I do not allude to "food, such as ham hocks and collard greens, traditionally eaten by southern African Americans." I am talking about food that makes your soul happy. Pizza does that for me.

The joy of eating a round bread covered with a tasty tomato based gravy, beautiful golden corn, barbecued mushroom and a few tasty sundried tomatoes is unparalleled in my world. Oh how could I forget the cheese! Oh yes...a whole lot of cheese is a must.

I don't know a single thing in this world that gives me the same joy that pizza does. I have oft thanked the old Italian bloke who I'm quite sure must have invented the marvellous creation that is called the pizza, in a moment of sheer genius. God bless him and his kind.

I love PIZZZAAA!! Okay. Craziness subsided. Lets have a bite then!

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