Monday, July 02, 2012

The MJ Show #144 - Train

I just realized that over the years I've really liked some songs by Train.
I think it all began for them with Drops Of Jupiter...but there's a lot more to Train than DOJ. Not heard much by them? Well...let's change that tonight.

Here are some of their best songs.

Their breakout album was "Drops Of Jupiter" with the title track being their biggest ever hit. It won tons of awards and made them one of the biggest bands back then.
Well...from their first big hit album "Drops Of Jupiter" here are a few songs.

Drops Of Jupiter

She's On Fire

Something More

Their next album was called "My Private Nation". 
When I Look To The Sky

Calling All Angels

Next up was "For Me, It's You".
Give Myself To You

Their next album, "Save Me, San Fransisco" had one of my favourite songs by them.
Hey Soul Sister

If It's Love

Shake Up Christmas

Marry Me

Save Me, San Fransisco

"California 37" was their next album...and it has another song that I really really love. Check it out! Once you  hear it...just like "Drops of Jupiter" or "Hey Soul Sister" it just gets stuck in your head and won't get out for days! :)
Drive By

50 Ways To Say Goodbye

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Right is now time for me to say good night and take care! :)
This is your Musicman...Mihir Joshi...signing off!

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