Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The MJ Show #113 (#MJquiz - The Beatles Quiz On Twitter)

Just last night (19th July, 2010) I had the first #MJQuiz on Twitter. That quiz was total time pass stuff. Questions going into every genre and time frame. Just things that were popping in my head.
But when I saw the phenomenal response and enthusiasm to my debut quiz I thought I'd get serious and give the music lovers something to really chew on.

Hence the first proper, structured quiz took place tonight. It was a quiz on the songs of The Beatles!
I'm going to give you all the questions I asked here and also give you the songs that featured in those questions.
Check it out.
If you want, don't see the answers first. Try to see how many of these you actually know :) If you get more than 10, I'd say you're a massive Beatles fan! :)

Participants in the quiz - @sayid_islam @mamatha_m @bonda0123 @vicramb @oops_santosh @teodranik @abhi_fartman @probablytrippy @BombayDrifter @Miilee @Amoli @alishaiyer @janhavee @mindscar666 @an1k3t @sandeepohri @singh_dr

Scoreboard - @abhi_fartman - 6 @vicramb - 5 @teodranik - 4 @sayid_islam - 3 @bonda0123 - 2

And the winner of #MJQuiz on The Songs Of The Beatles is - Abhijeet Barve (@abhi_fartman)!!
Congratulations!! :)

Q1 - What was the first official single by The Beatles in UK? - Love Me Do
Q2 - On the album version (on Please Please Me) of "Love Me Do" what does Ringo Star play? - Tambourine (Drums were played by a sessions drummer called Andy White)

Q3 - What was the first George Harrison written song to appear on a Beatles album? - Don't Bother Me

Q4 - Who sang lead vocals on "I Wanna Be Your Man" from the "With The Beatles" album? - Ringo Starr

Q5 - The song "You've Really Got A Hold On Me" from the "With The Beatles" album was originally a song by which band? - The Miracles

Q6 - Which was the ONLY Beatles album to have all songs by "Lennon-McCartney"? - A Hard Day's Night

Q7 - "Rock And Roll Music" on the album "Beatles For Sale" was originally done by which rock n roll legend?- Chuck Berry

Q8 - What was the second film of the Beatles originally supposed to be called before they decided to go with "Help!"? - Eight Arms To Hold You

Q9 - What was the name of the Buddy Holly song that the Beatles did on the "For Sale" album? - Words Of Love

Q10 - Which Beatles song featured ONLY Paul McCartney with a string quarter? It was initially an instrumental titled "Scrambled Eggs"! - Yesterday

Q11 - "Sont led mots qui vont tres bien ensemble" were words from which song by The Beatles? - Michelle

Q12 - Which song on "Revolver" features ONLY Paul McCartney, this time with a string octet!? - Eleanor Rigby

Q13 - Which song was initially titled "Bad Finger Boogie"? - With A Little Help From My Friends

Q14 - Which Beatles song features instruments like "dilruba, tamboura, tabla and swarmandal"? Incidentally this song featured ONLY Harrison! - Within You, Without You

Q15 - Which song on Sgt.Pepper's features a 41 piece orchestra? - A Day In The Life

Q16 - "Yellow matter custard", "crablocker fishwife", "semolina pilchard" are a few of the strange phrases on which Beatles song? - I Am The Walrus

Q17 - Which was the only Beatles song to feature Yoko Ono on harmony and chorus vocals? - The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill

Q18 - Which song on the White Album has ONLY Paul playing guitar, bass, piano and drums? - Why Don't We Do It In The Road?

Q19 - Which Beatles song has Mick Jagger, Keith Moon, Keith Richard and Mariaanne Faithfull on chorus? - All You Need Is Love

Q20 - Which James Taylor song gave the opening line to a song that George Harrison wrote and sang on "Abbey Road"? - Something In The Way She Moves
The Beatles song that I was talking about was "Something" by George Harrion.

Bonus Songs - George and his guitar - Something!

Something is my favourite song by The Beatles...and since that song was inspired in a way by another singer-songwriter I LOVE. I have to give you the inspiration too.
So here it is.
James Taylor - Something In The Way She Moves

So...what'd you think of it? The quiz and the show. Let me know in the comments guys and girls. I'd really like that :)

Right then...it is now time for me to say...take care...and Good Night! :)
This is your Musicman Mihir...signing off!

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